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HyperQ™ Technology

HyperQ™ is a suite of algorithms, implemented in software, aimed at the early detection of coronary artery disease (CAD) and ischemia. HyperQ™ technology detects stress-induced and acute resting ischemia. It can be applied in any venue and on any monitoring or diagnostic platform, including:






To date, thousands of patients have been diagnosed by HyperQ™ in controlled clinical studies, hospitals and private physician offices. The clinical results were published in leading cardiology journals.

The HyperQ™ revolutionizes the field of diagnosing coronary artery disease (CAD), preventing unnecessary patient exposure to radioactive or invasive procedures and clinical time and cost associated with advanced IHD diagnosis systems. HyperQ™ sensitivity and specificity are similar to those of radioactive procedures, performing equally well in men and women, thus allowing for a dramatically enhanced diagnosis in women.

HyperQ™ is a proprietary and patented technology. It analyses the high-frequency QRS depolarization segment of the cardiac cycle, whereas conventional ECG analysis of the ST segment is related to the repolarization phase of the cycle. HyperQ™ provides superior clinical accuracy to any other non-invasive solution currently available.

The American Heart Association (AHA) included HyperQ™ in its last statement on exercise standards for testing (published in August 2013), pointing out that it has been found to have useful test performance for detection of CAD.


The HyperQ™ has FDA clearance and CE marking.

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High frequency QRS has been researched in dozens of clinical studies since the 1980s. Numerous trials and clinical studies in Israel, Europe, Asia and the US, on thousands of patients, have confirmed the significantly enhanced diagnostic value of the HyperQ™ technology for the detection of ischemia.

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